Skill Balance

Skill balancing.

Sween says we have a chronic skill deficiency, with no training in Nature or Dungeoneering, which I am told will surely lead to an untimely TPK.

As you can take an optional background that either gives you a +2 in a skill you have, or allows you to make a non-class skill into a trainable skill, my suggestion is as follows to help shore up our shortfalls:

Plura already dropped Intimidate for Perception. Being as perception is highly called upon, Talion has it trained even though she gets no bonus. Since Plura has +4 WIS, that gives us slightly better odds, although this still leaves us in a lurch when any of the other members are on watch during sleepytime (as one example). Surprise attacks are ugly; if we can get more perception, we probably should. Anyone that can train it as a class skill is encouraged to do so.

To balance our our missing skillsets, I suggest Q’pla drop Athletics for Diplomacy, Kettil drop Diplomacy for Dungeoneering, and Ireland drop Insight for Nature. At that point we have all the bases covered, even if it’s just ~5 for having it trained with no bonus.

This is the readout (which is probably available elsewhere on this crap):
Acrobatics (Dex) – Talion 9
*^Arcana (Int) – Ireland 10 (Plura 8)
Athletics (Str) – Kettil 10 (Q’Pla 8/9)
Bluff (Cha) – Ireland 10 (Talion 7)
Diplomacy (Cha) – Kettil 5
^Dungeoneering (Wis) –
Endurance (Con) – Kettil 5 (Plura 5, Q’Pla 5/6)
*Heal (Wis) – Q’Pla 5
^History (Int) – Ireland 12
!Insight (Wis) – Plura 9 (Ireland 5)
Intimidate (Cha) – Q’Pla 11
*^Nature (Wis) –
!Perception (Wis) – Plura 9 (Talion 5)
*^Religion (Int) – Plura 8
Stealth (Dex) – Talion 11
^Streetwise (Cha) – Kettil 5
Thievery (Dex) – Talion 9

  • - Ritual skill
    ! – Sense/detection skill
    ^ – Knowledge/identify skill
    - – - – - – - – - – - -

So Talion is bringing:
Acrobatics, Stealth, Thievery

Religion, and the highest Insight and Perception by a considerable amount

Streetwise, Diplomacy

Heal, Intimidate


So if we can sort that out, perhaps we should. As a suggestion.

Skill Balance

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