Battle Order

[x] (minion)
[X] (monster)

Marching Order:


Warlord in front, casters in the middle, Fighter as rearguard, Assassin scouting and doing sneaky business off to the side. Allows a quick collapse in any direction to move the casters back and the armor forward with single shifts. Scouting will hopefully allow for at least warning and reaction time, if not outright counter-surprise.

Combat Array A: (standard combat)

x X x
The Warlord is the 'front line' and simultaneously the center of the fight, keeps the fight centered (and is thus able to provide buffs, healing, and enabling), and is durable enough to hold it. The Fighter has the durability (and reach) to stand in the middle of the enemy, while being in an excellent position to punish anyone trying to move past the front line (thereby leaving adjacent squares, rather than allowing them to shift past), and is also positioned for regular OAs and to keep marks on the most significant targets. The Invoker is near enough to both have the advantage of the Warlord's proximity and to utilize array of close-blast effects, and with chainmail is a reasonable second-string in a pinch, but still has some range. The Psion, due to cloth and lack of any semblance of durability, is sandwiched behind the Invoker and Warlord, and can utilize range and powers to disable potential threats and inflict damage from relative safety. The Assassin can lurk at the perimeter, utilizing concealment and working with either the Fighter or Warlord to bookend enemies for CA. Also has a Pull to isolate enemies, and additional damage to enemies who have no adjacent allies. Capable of picking off stragglers, running through back lines, and providing CA to self when necessary.

Combat Array B: (zergling fight)

x x x x
x x x x
Warlord and Assassin hold the flanks, with the Warlord primarily preventing passage while the Invoker and Assassin utilize slides and pulls to 'feed' enemies down the left to be murdered. Psion keeps highest-threat enemies disabled or impaired until swarm is reduced.

Battle Order

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