Kettil Thorsson

Journeyman smith turned bodyguard with a strong arm and gentle spirit


Human Fighter
Level 2

STR 20 CON 10 DEX 14 INT 8 WIS 11 CHA 10

HP 31 AC 19 FORT 19 REF 15 WILL 13

Vision Normal Speed 5 (base 6, -1 armor) Initiative +2
Passive Insight 10 Passive Perception 10

Deity Kord Alignment Good

Class Features – Combat Challenge, Combat Agility, Fighter Weapon Talent (2-handed)

Trained Skills – Athletics, Diplomacy, Endurance, Streetwise

Feats – Hafted Defense, Polearm Flanker, Weapon Expertise: Polearm

Weapons/Armor – Longspear, Scale Armor, Javelin

Gear – Standard Adventurer’s Kit, Climber’s Kit, 50’ Rope (silk)

At-Will Powers – Cleave, Footwork Lure, Reaping Strike
Encounter Powers – Steel Serpent Strike
Daily Powers – Brute Strike
Utility Powers – Full Extension

Appearance/Mannerisms – Kettil is a massive specimen of a human, reaching nearly 6 1/2 feet, with vibrant blue eyes, chiseled features, and a mop of flaxen hair. He’s a simple, soft-spoken youth, and generally trusting of others but quick to anger should that trust be betrayed. As the son of a silversmith, he is admirer of fine craftsmanship and handiwork; on the same token, he is extremely wary of all things mystical.


Kettil Thorsson

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